Quit corruption

TV, and in the report on the two suites, three suites loans. The rich is good, you can buy two suites, three suites, and many small people, even the first set of houses can not afford.
Is also reported on television, said a lot of Beijing district, occupancy rate of less than 30%. Not only Beijing, we have a villa group here, the occupancy rate is almost 0, in addition to the guard room lit the lights, the other places, a black whirring, looking to feel very scary.
Greed, is human nature, is the nature of all people!
On the network, often reproduced in other people's articles, see many people's space, the article has been reproduced a lot, but still kept reproduced. At the beginning, I also see good content, good topics, good pictures, reproduced to their own space, thinking that one day time enough, and then slowly taste. However, these reproduced articles, we almost do not see. First, we always do not have enough time, say, we have lost calmly calm mood, become anxious to do, are quick success, are mercenary, so those articles is basically a white turn! But many people still could not help but reproduced, and then reproduced only feel to their own space, is their own.
In fact, some things are not you have, is yours. Reprinted articles you do not learn, do not use, is your and not you, what is the difference? thus. Later to see good things, I will not turn. In fact, we only get more, only focus on the owner, but just forget to enjoy their own all!
With the house, but do not go home all day, with the car but too lazy to go out. Always feel where, as long as you want to be able to drive straight, so those who have dreamed of going places, but also become less eager.
There is no desire, there is no surprise of the day, people feel that life is still. Placid life, so many people become numb, become at a loss, become no interest!
Modern people, with more and more rich material life, but the lack of more and more beautiful heart of the world.
The niece went abroad to sailboat hotel in Dubai. Just two months, how can not stay on. Asked the reason, she said sadly:
"It is not bear to see the Chinese people here every day ashamed!"

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