Jewelry led settled in the wide jewelry building

Chinese people went there, always go all the way to ask, do not know respect for the staff, do not know how to at least courtesy, just feel that they spend money, we must be able to toss, always feel that they can spend money on high, Satisfaction, it is not satisfied, toss to toss, but also often do not give people tips.
On one side is the extremely stingy room and board, while shopping is extremely generous. They often have a team to a house, often even the floor to sleep. The local shopping festival, in addition to the staff, to see almost all Chinese. So the niece often has an illusion: feel that they are in China, rather than in Dubai. Everyone there is crazy, the kind of momentum to spend billions of dollars, it is just look like a nouveau riche ah!
Only this also fills, more importantly, whenever the hotel's stuff, fell or broke, some people say loudly: Made in China! Words filled with disgust and disdain. As a Chinese, she felt very ashamed, so want to go back to their country.
What can I say? The Chinese side is the rapid economic development, while moral stagnation, making the speed of self-cultivation, always keep up with the speed of economic development. But think about it, each country is so developed, and even the beautiful Thames, has also been contaminated fish dead shrimp dead, appalling ah!
Every country's economic development, have to have a process, to slowly. I believe that our country and our people, in a step by step onto the economic development at the same time, moral cultivation will certainly be rapid development.
So I told my niece, worry about the country you can not do, but you can always do your own right? You do your own work, let them on the Chinese people with admiration, rather than scoff!
Why is always made in China something bad? This is not only a waste of resources, but also self-destructive reputation.
Because we only seek the number, while ignoring the quality of ah! Why do we many people, sought after foreign brand-name products? Because of their durable stuff, when you buy is expensive, available, know very cheap and very assured! More importantly, buy such a luxury, not only face, but also very taste!
Is your inner world, illuminating the world around you, to let people on the Chinese people with admiration, we must really start from the inner practice ah! Like you want to give others warm, your first if the warm!
Confucius, the gentleman has three ring: "less time, the blood gas is not set, quit the color; and strong also, blood gas just, quit the bucket; and its old men, blood gas is bad, quit in." Feel that everyone at each time, should quit the 'greed' word.
No matter when, greed and luck are the enemy of life!

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